It’s 4AM and I can’t get to bed.  Because I can’t stopping about you.  Who???? Won’t tell.

But I will tell you what I am wearing this morning. Yesterday I was strolling at the Shiney Shabby and saw this shirt at Zenith.  I am a sucker for these kind of outfits because the movie Risky Business with Tom Curise comes to mine.   Though I didn’t get in to my socks and dance around my room I did lay in bed with this outfit.  And when I woke I thought of Gwen Stefani’s 4 in the Morning song and rolled out of bed.  What is so delightful about this outfit is that you can wear to bed. Or put some nice high knee boot and pair it with a leather purse and use it as a dress.  I am also wearing a hair style from little bones.  If your in the little bones you will be able to get this hair style for free! Which comes with a hud to change her hair color.  Yawns time to get back to bed.

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