I am digging into my old rocker soul.  I take alot of photos with classy out in second life. But when I first started back in………(not saying). My avi was a little punk when I first created her.  With crazy hair and wild clothes.  Then my tastes kind of changed the older I got.  But this outfit so remind me of when I DJ my rocker nights in some of Second life clubs.  Eluzion Milena Top is a tube top that comes with a 6 texture HUD.  It pairs well with her Indira Skirt that also come with a 6 texture hud.  Just mix matching them is so much fun. And you know me!  Anything with a HUD is an A++ in my book.  I also messed with my hair do as well.  And who has hair styles with a rocker modern twist?! Little Bones DOES!  And when I put this on.  It was a PERFECT make!