This post if a special edition of some items that are available at the Garden Gacha!  In this post I will show items form the Salt and Pepper gacha machine with a dash of Astralia Blossom gacha to. S&P is showcaseing her Hippie deluxe items.  There are about 18 common item with 2 rare ones.  Some of the common items are necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets and best of all 5 short dress.  Tons of goodies so you can’t lose!  Now for the rare items  She has 2 Long dress that represent sunset and sunrise.  They are absolutely loving.  Down to earth colors with a romantic twist.  The accessories are well made and I like that there is a gold and silver version. After 20 pulls on the gacha machine you’ll get a guaranteed item called seed of inspiration, which will be available only at this event and will be retired.  So go and pull!  I have also include an item from Astralia.  In my first photo I am wear in my hair, a gacha common item called Astrialia Blossom Petals.  They are soooo beautiful!  Thei come in 4 different color and they go prefect in my hair.  So head over to the Garden Gache and get your items today!

Skin & Mesh Head by: LOGO

Physique body by: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0

Mesh Feet & Hands by: Slink

Outfit by: Salt and Pepper – Hippie Deluxe Sunrise Dress

Earrings by: Salt and Pepper  hippie earring

Necklace by: Salt and Pepper  hippie necklace

Belt by: Salt and Pepper  hippie belt

Hair accessory 1st photo by: Astralia – Common blossom accessory – White

Hair accessory 2st photo by: Salt and Pepper hippie flower SOI


Snapshot_023Kevin001 forest